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Trumpy's MST3K Tape Trading Page

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Welcome to my MST3K trade page!

Ok, here is what I have to offer. Most of the Comedy Central era episodes taped by myself and transfered to dvd on a standalone burner. They do not have menu's and the commercials have been left in because it's more fun that way. All episodes are complete including stingers and picture and sound are better than any tapes I traded for back in the old days. If there are any issues i'll let you know while working out a trade.

MST3k Globe

Ok, it's not much to look at but it gets the job done! On this site you will find my collection of MST3K tapes for trade. I have a pretty good size collection and i'm looking to fill in a few missing KTMA and Comedy Central episodes as well as start getting the sci-fi era shows.

The main purpose of this page is trading. I will not sell tapes so please don't ask. I have nothing against people who sell but i choose not to. All e-mails will be answered and most trade requests will be accepted so don't hesitate to contact

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Trumpy's MST3K tape trading page?

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thanks for visiting. let's circulate the tapes!