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low tech NIRVANA trading page

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Welcome to Low Tech Nirvana
last update 8/30/07
Added two new original discs and dumped some broken links. This is the first update in years as i've been away from trading for quite awhile. I'm back now. Look for another update in a week or so with new shows and possibly another change or two as I look for ways to improve this meager site.

Hello. On this page you will find my complete list of Nirvana recordings. I am mainly interested in trading for any Nirvana shows not on my list but will also trade for videos or original bootleg discs. I'm also looking for discs by Mudhoney, Foo Fighters, Melvins, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan , Neil Young, Pink Floyd and many other bands. I like a wide variety of music so if you have something by a band not on my list I still may be willing to trade for it, just ask.

I list all generation info (when known) and sources for each show. Some shows have more than one source so I list every one in my possesion. Everything listed as cd comes from an original bootleg that I own. My originals are not for trade or sale. I only TRADE, no SELLING.

My only rules are:
Don't rip me off!
Sorry but i'm not interested in trading for tapes.
Don't use cheap cdr's.
No mp3's.
No 2 second gaps.
I can't do artwork so I don't expect any in return.
I usually send in sleeves instead of jewel cases.
Keep in touch(let me know when you send), i'll do the same.
Feel free to ask any questions you have. I answer all e-mails.

Check out my list, maybe you'll find something you want.
Let's trade.

email me


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