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low tech NIRVANA trading page
References/Good traders

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Here's some of the people i've traded with. I highly recommend trading with any of these fine people.

There are more people to add to this list so if we've traded and you don't see your name here just let me know.

Barry Lajnwand: web site

Adam Deloach: web site

Roar Aasheim: web site

James Darby: web site

Max Bruce: web site

Erik Braund: web site

Jeremy Fisher: web site

Shane Virone: web site

Shane Virone's other web site

Adam Andrews: web site

Pat Sexton: e-mail

Sean Gromo: web site

Benoit Martigny: web site

Ken Ko: web site

David Geddie: web site

Mat Kora: e-mail

Erik Urban: web site

Jacob Juul Larsen: web site

Brett Kellet: web site

Keith Utech: e-mail

Cale Wedell: web site

John Bacus: web site

Chaz Lakip: e-mail